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87 - McGrand Hamburger Man

86 - Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Sandwich

85 - Women's Volleyball - George W Bush rides a Segway

84 - Russian Terror

83 - The New GTA - Too Much Pink Floyd - Karate Master

82 - Autographed Guitar on eBay

81 - Recently Moved from Home Page

80 - Weapons of Ass Destruction

79 - Trailer Park Pre-Nup - Virus Windows XP - Guy Neglects to Lock Mortgage Rate - Microsoft Patent Infringement

78 - A Most Profound Message about A Piece Of Cake

77 - Leavitt - German Controversy - Extreme Piercing  - Terror Threat Level Game - NAACP Sues Itself 

76 - Rumsfeld - Gandalf The White - Hands Free Kits - Police Scooters

75 - Iraq War Information - Psyops - Pregnant Teed Denial - Dixie Chicks

74 - America Speaks Out - Poll - War In Iraq

73 - Operation Iraqi Freedom Satire - Ass Pack In Iraq

72 - PokeJuan, Screaming Pickle Recognition, Al Qaeda SUV, The Plague, Gold's Gym Coupon Book, Parents Picket Rap Music

71 - Carlos Santana Award, SUV Terrorist, Ask G Ebonics Search Engine, Kim Jong Weapons, Ozone Hysteria, AOL Users

70 - Some more stuff here

69 - Yes, even more here

68 - Hitler was right!

67 - Christmas News

66 - and some things here

65 - as well as here

64 - Bob Costas Insight, Electric Toothbrush Uses, Madonna Swept Away, Pontiac Michigan, Winona Ryder Conviction, Tonya Harding IOC Revisions, Switzerland Joins United Nations, Dolphin-Safe Fillets, Wife Still Not Turned On, New Orleans Mammy Outrage

63 - Teen Smoking, Teen Smoking Statistics, Inmate Can Change

62 - Winona Ryder Stealing Ice Bookmark

61 - Braille Menu For The Deaf, Plum Smuggling Ring, NyQuil Sues Jaegermeister, MTV Spring Break Coverage

60 - Military Surplus Trench Coats, Duping Americans Interest Rates Credit Lines, Death and Birthday, Pervert Swipes Card, Briefs Or Boxers Study,Guy Faces Auto With Attitude

59 - Jewish Anti-Semitic, Earnhardt Jr., American Idol, Eminem, Marshall Mathers, 8 mile

58 - Green Party,Missy Elliot, Sniper, Nazi, Rap, Larry King

57 - Rosie O'Donnell, Fred Durst, Performance Mufflers, Magic the Gathering, Nun Sexual Abstinence

56 - Saddam Hussein, Iraq Election, Pissing Calvin, Prawn vs. Shrimp

55 - Interest rates Dow Nazdaq, Meatloaf, Street Bike, Tiger Woods, Homeless, Stock Rating, Val Kilmer

54 - Detroit Camaro, celebrity investors, NASCAR, NASCAR training, America's Funniest Police Brutality Videos

53 - Korean Food, Nelly Tape on Face, AOL, Bin Laden disguise, Al Quaeda, Hollywood Residents, Rapper talking about self

52- Shawn Coombs P Diddy Puff Daddy Puffy, Jennifer Lopez J Lo, Dog in Car, Rainbow Family, Recovering Alcoholic

51 - MTV VMA's Moby Eminem Tragic Comic Doc

50 - Anna Nicole Smith, Dr. Laura Croft, Catholic Controversy

49 - Los Angeles Gang Members Policy, MTV Cribs Roederer Cristal Champagne

48 - NAACP Sues Government Agencies

47 - Feminist Camp, Feminist Group

46 - Middle East Rap, Man Identified, Teletubbie Controversy, Daycare Shutdown

45 - Dr. Laura Speaks Out, Research Studies, Jim Rome Clones, Radio DJ's, Degrading Dollar

44 - UFO Believe, Gateway Controversy, Canadian Toilet, Movie Theater Charges

43 - World Hunger Food Shortage, Genetic Link Terrorists, Saddam Hussein Dick Broom, Dennis Franz, Tom Selleck Moustache

42 - Anti Depressants

41 - The Rock Eyebrow, Eminem Slim Shady, Shaggy Scooby Doo

40 - Lenox Lewis Interview, Mike Tyson Interview, Lewis Tyson

39 - Digital Camera Use, Archaeological Dig Theories, Dr Dre Commercial, Sales Rebates Clearance, Attorney Fairness Settlement

38 - Eminem White Rapper, Using The Force, Ja Rule Cured, Airfares, Politician Soft Money Campaign, Tiger Woods Speech Writer, inexpensive home computers, Internet Service Provider Contracts

37 - Criminal Study, Environmental Extremists, Bill Gates Worth, Samuel L. Jackson Jedi, Jihad Al Qaeda Taliban Members, Shoe Maker Ingenuity, Federal Government, Department of Defense, Colon Powell

36 - Oil Supply Cap, alternative energy source, Homeless Contribution, Catholic Impotence, Butt Rock, Darrell Strawberry Sentence

35 - Arafat, Herpes, Pre-Approved Credit Card Application, Star Wars Taliban

34 - Publishers Clearinghouse Settlement, Pill Camera, Gene Pool Awareness Week, Privacy Violation, Viagra Banned, Tobacco Banned From National Baseball League

33 - Statistical Studies Inaccurate, Police Scooters, Segoway Scooter, Altar-Gate, Catholic Church Sex Scandal Earth Flat, Yasser Arafat Influence

32 - Weight Loss Pill Side Effects, Vatican Sexual Criminals, Winona Ryder Cry For Help

31 - Hillary Clinton Blunders Lewinsky Sympathy, Man Sued By Libido, Man Threatens to Act Like Moron, Lane Staley Heroine In The Box

30 - Adverse Reaction Hair Removal, Calendarologists, Rare Dates, Phen-Phen Lawsuit, Michael Jackson Facial Hair, Amish Jurors

29 - Joan Rivers Face, Date Search, Olive Garden on Fear Factor, Shampoo Conditioner Sex Products, Female Stripper Interview

28 - UFO Gulf of Mexico, Dad's Blame Children For Temporary Internet Files, Karaoke Tune Banned, New Type Of Movie, Taco Bell Raises Prices

27 - Facial Piercing, Low Interest Rates, Manhunt Escalates, Truck and Beer Enthusiast, Dodge Neon Racing Stripes

26 - Cherolet Apologizes for El Camino, Rap Guiness Record, Rap Translator, Big Mac Favorite Burger, KKK Enrollments Up, Bonzi Buddy Arrested, Catholic Pedophiles, No One To Succeed Arafat

25 - Al Gore's Beard

24 - Prostitution and Mystery Fetish, Ankle Hang, Woody Allen Marriage To Daughter, Ramifications, SE7EN Layer Burrito

23 - Arafat Exile Ariel Sharon, Oklahoma Woman Faces Email Trial, Megadeath Brakes Up

22 - Big Tobacco Threats, Switzerland Neutrality, Marshmallow Altar Boys, Hooker Parts Found, Vagina Monologues Hit Harlem, Guy Kicks Guy's Ass, SHHH, Panic Room Review

21 - Oscar News, Randy Newman, Denzel Washington, Jerry Garcia, Crowe, J Lo, John Forbes Nash, Opie, Andy, Barney, Goober, Cooter, Aunt Bee, Macaulay Culkin

20 - Homeless Apology, Nostradamus Quote, Nostradamus Orson Welles, Suicide Bombing, Cocaine Campaign, Man Punches Eastwood

19 - Celebrity Boxing, Willis, Mrs Garrett, Phil Drummond, Kimberly, Arnold, Sick Of Gang Violence, Cigarette Buyer Persuaded To Quit, Exotic Car Rental MTV Cribs

18 - Men With Big Noses, Survivor Updates, Gay Webmasters, Malcom X In The Middle, Paul Schaeffer Out Of Closet, Disturbing The Peace

17 - Indianapolis 5000, Pulling Face, Anna Nicole Smith Settlement, David Helfegott Shine, It Takes A Village, Undercooked Pasta

16 - Roots Hat, Bin Laden Brother, Computer Compatibility, Celebrities Against Terrorism, Limited Edition Items, Roseanne Barr Press Conference

15 - KKK Kool Shades, Black Panther Arrested, P Diddy and Prince, Fork and Chopsticks, Well Technically, Survivor News, People Stuck in Elevator - Survival

14 - Jews Stereotyped, Al Qaeda Training, Men Pull Truck With Penises, Sopranos Impact, Star Wars Racism

13 - Gays In Boy Scouts, Curly Fries, Pat Sajak Refuses Study Participation, Candy Safety, Speech Professors Phenomenon, Brett Favre, Money Not King, Wheel Of Fortune, Camaro Driver Chokes On Mullet, Meatloaf World Tour, Pissing Calvins Unite, Honda Civic Competition

12 - Palestinians, Candlelight Vigil, Horoscopes Are Bullshit, Radar Detector Detector, Hysterical Hollywood, NASCAR Cancelled, NFL Soccer Showboating

11 - Prelude Horsepower, Mood Music, Therapy Book Napoleon Complex, Virility Rhino Penis, Beef Found At McDonalds

10 - Chevy Impala Like A Rock, Fabio Committed, Bird Hit By Baseball, Travolta Recovery, Pool Hall Regulars Rally Rules, Yoga Master Unisexual, Coors Marketing, Al Qaeda Skyscraper, Crouching Poodle

09 - Billionaire Dupes Playmate, Colonics, Colonics Misunderstood, Miss Cleo, Pink Floyd Depth

08 - Pet Psychic, Colon Pow, Women and Gas, Smuggling Tunnel,Computers for Drooling Morons, Smurf's Ridicule, Pee Wee's Whorehouse, Fastest Finger Question, The Cracker Jack, Natural Prozac Alternative, Adrenaline Junky

07 - English Pussys,Womb Raider, Snacks and Animal Rights, God Wins Ebay Auction, Catholic Birth Control, Kosher Hair Products

06 - After Hours Golfing Trophy, Afghanistan Pageant, Singing Commuters, Pregnant Women Smoking Marijuana, National Fidelity Day, Tim Allen Impersonating Geraldo, Arafat Photogenic, Inflatable Altar Boys

05 - Bill Clinton Hobby, Priest Accusations, Cardinal Bernard Law, Animal Cruelty, Domestic Terror - Mailbox Bombing

04 - Donald Trump Patent, Ricky Martin Crazy Life, Morphing Phenomenon, Inmates Cite Terrorist Impact, Mike Tyson Defenseless, Dude Your Gettin A Dell, Cubic Zirconium Appraisal, Kentucky Klansman Exposes Face, Clean One Owner, Church Can Be Fun

03 - Sausage Company Owner Plans To Kill Self, Anti-Biotic Protest, Beer Trend, It's A Penis Thing, You Wouldn't Understand, Scooter Gangs Rumble, Free Willy Protestors, Muumuus and Gnomes, Barbie Malibu Coffin, Government Work Competency Study, Kmart Closing

02 - All work and no play makes jack a dull boy

01 - Click here to not win anything at all!