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Celebrity Boxing Review

The pressure of celebrity boxing on Willis could have only been rivaled by the time he almost joined the Tarantulas - a spray painting gang, which Phil Drummond strongly objected to.  This bout will likely reminded us of that struggle with his conscience.  But this time, Arnold won't be here to support him, nor Phil, nor Kimberly, not even Mrs. Garrett.  In this ring, Willis is on his own.

As it turns out, he did very well, despite having to fight three people that night.  First was Vanilla Ice,  which he put away quickly, then came Rob Van Winkle, which gave a good run, but went down in the end.  Last was "Bi Polar".  The battle of Willis' life ensued, but somehow, he came out on top of it all, conquering the fearsome "Bi Polar".  Just like when he decided not to join the Tarantulas, but this time he did it alone.




Woman "Sick of Gang Violence" Fights Back Against The Crips
Fresno woman, Gladdys Ingles protested to her neighbors of gang violence, "I'm tired of all these buggers going around shooting innocent people, it's not right. I never would have suspected them, since they always seem so nice to me, but you can't even walk by them, they stab you and take your money to buy crack.  It's all I hear about on the news anymore, and I'm not going to stand for it, I'm done giving them special treatment." said Gladdys, "and I'm not driving past one more handicapped parking spot again, I'm going to park my caddy across the whole damn row!"
When neighbors informed Gladdys that "Crips" were gang members and not "crippled" or handicapped people, Gladdys quickly dismissed their claims, saying, "Oh yea, then why was one of them looking at me funny?  He was taunting me!"



Cigarette Buyer Persuaded to Quit

Portland, OR.  Local man, Barry Dunahae walked  into a convenience store to buy his daily pack of camels, when a fellow shopper proceeded to tell him that they were going to kill him.  This shocking news changed his outlook on smoking completely.  He sincerely thanked the man for bringing this to his attention, and quit smoking on the spot, after experiencing such a profound reality check.



Exotic car rental industry skyrockets during filming months of MTV Cribs.