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Screaming Pickle Staff Apologized to Homeless Man.

While walking downtown, on our way to a court hearing, a panhandler asked us for some spare change.  We proceeded to apologize to him, saying, "Sorry, all we have are hundreds" as we headed to our hearing.

This story is posted in response to a reader who feels we are uncompassionate to worthless pile of crap human beings like this guy with no disabilities, who stands around drunk all day, leeching off of impressionable people, like the fucking cockroach that he is.  But, we wanted to prove that we were in fact compassionate and explained our difficult situation to the man.  Thanks for writing in!



Dreams and childhood memories, most interesting when told beyond the 5 minute mark.



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Orson Welles

Nostradamus Quote, A Fake

An email being forwarded across the world has been verified as being a fake quote from Nostradamus.  The email read, "On the day which follows the day before it, and precedes the days thereafter, something will happen that will change something else, for the duration of this day."

In Related News: The discovery that Orson Welles and Nostradamus have never been seen together, spawns curiosities and accusations that they are actually the same person.



Representatives of major fast food chain deny their "hat" logo is actually the head of a penis.



Breaking News: At least one man killed in suicide bombing.



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Drug Lords Launch Ad Campaign

In the wake of Terrorist Attacks, Anthrax scares, and increased stress and uncertainty of citizens in the world, several Drug Lords have banded together to launch an advertising campaign.  They set out to reclaim the booming business that was once theirs, and capitalize on recent events.  The first spotting was last week in Washington DC, where a billboard displayed, "Cocaine, the other white powder"



This Just In: Man Punches Clint Eastwood at charity event, makes his day.