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Oscar News:


Sympathy Votes Are In.

For several awards this year, academy voters chose to go off of past performances and sympathy to clear the academy conscience, and choose Oscar winners this year.  Some of those to benefit include: 

Randy Newman, 16th nomination was the charm. 

Denzel Washington, for the fact that he's was stiffed out of an Oscar for 'The Hurricane'


peterjackson-JerryGarcia.jpg (21140 bytes)

The Oscars were definitely the place to be!  Even the late Jerry Garcia made it to the event.  Incredible!


Enraged Crowe Challenges Denzel to "Math Drawn On A Window Contest" - after being beaten out for Best Actor.

J-Lo.jpg (10477 bytes) J-Lo Sweeps

Viewers still swept away by the fact that J-Lo looks like a regular, everyday person.  She showcased her latest hairstyle, which is evolving into a B-52, following Britney Spears' 50's portion of a Pepsi commercial.


  Best Director

Opie takes an Oscar for Best Director, gives special thanks to Andy, Barney, Goober, Cooter and especially, Aunt Bee. 


In viewing the success of Opie, we can't help but think of the possibility of Macaulay Culkin turning out ok.



A Beautiful Mind - Best Picture


The "Real" John Forbes Nash, star of "A Beautiful Mind" made an appearance in "Beautiful Glasses" 

(Photograph is simulation, actual glasses not shown here.  We can't find a picture, since no one will post pictures of the controversial Jew Hatin' genius.)