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Man sues Epil-Stopper for adverse reaction from hair removal products.



Calendarologists Note Rarity of Dates

Bridgeport Connecticut - Dr. Wilhems publishes a column on rarity of certain dates on our calendar, in which some will only come about every 4, 100 or 1000 years.  This comes to us, despite the fact that any given date will never fucking happen again, ever.


This Just In: Ugly People, latest to join in Phen-Phen lawsuit



Breaking News: Jackson Follows Gore's Lead on Facial Hair Growth.



Arrested Man Discloses Defense Strategy

PA - Mitch Palmer, a Lancaster resident was caught exposing himself in a public park Thursday.  Awaiting trial in the Lancaster County Jail, Palmer eagerly disclosed his defense strategy to prosecutors.  While a poignant approach, sources say the public masturbator's defense argument that "everybody does it" is not likely to be effective among Amish jurors.