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Lenox Lewis - Exclusive Interview

Screaming Pickle had the opportunity to interview the incredible Heavyweight Champion of the world, Lenox Lewis.

Jacksonville, Florida airport, baggage claim:

SP: "We are from Screaming Pickle and would like to conduct an interview with you, do you have a moment?"

Lewis: "I'm not interested in an interview, will you please, kindly let me be?"

SP: "What is it like to be a Jamaican from England who lives in Florida?"

Lewis: "Please, I will miss my flight if I don't get on the plane"

SP: "What is your favorite food."

Lewis: "I don't care to talk, please...I really have to get going."

SP: "Do you drink tea or coke with your crumpets and ganga?"

Lewis: "Please, you are very nice and funny and I am not trying to be rude, but I really must go"

SP: "What's your favorite variety of ganga, and who hooks you up?"

Lewis: "Thank you for caring to ask me these questions, but I really must get along now."

- Unfortunately, Lewis had something come up and was not able to continue our interview, but we have put some calls into his agent for an interview at a later date.


Lewis Vs. Tyson
Lennox Lewith battered a befuddled Mike Tython before stopping him cold with a crashing right hand in the eighth round, keeping hith heavyweight titleth. A thurprithingly graciouth Tython said, "Lewith wath amathing"

This approach from Tython absolutely thtunned the boxing world, ath he had a much different tone in pre-fight interviewth, with commentth thuch ath: "I want to damage hith brainth with my fith" and "I want my fith to go through hith fayth"