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City of Los Angeles Adopts New Policy for Gang Members

In efforts to save lives in the Los Angeles region of California, law makers have opted to offer free use of a target shooting range to area gang members, with hopes of improving their accuracy.  This move carried hopes to reduce the number of innocent people who die because some moron holds his gun sideways and can't fucking aim.

The target range will offer gun safety and training courses in proper gun handling, as well as educating the marksmen that it is unnecessary to say "payow!" with each shot.

The city also plans to increase the fine for killing a gang member to $30 - up 50% from the previous fine of $20.

Though a controversial move, law makers are hopeful, and plan to launch a nationwide ad campaign with the slogan:

"Los least our gang members can aim".


Dis iz Cristal Beeeeaaatch

With the price of Cristal being approximately $150-250 per bottle, MTV Cribs guests opt to spend more time showing off their expensive champagne, than the several car rentals parked in the driveway.