Don't Believe Anything You Read.

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Anna Nicole Smith - TV and Book Debut

In sync with the debut of her controversial new show, Anna releases "The Complete Idiot's Guide to duping a tycoon, gaining 300 pounds, losing 50, suing phen phen and getting your own television show."


Breaking News: God made Adam and Steve



Dr. Laura Croft - Video Game Debut

Dr. Laura, longtime advocate of putting people in their place, has chosen horny teen boys as her latest victims of attack - with her new video game "Womb Raider" due for release early next month.  Laura plans to educate the teen boys on just how wrong and violating they will inevitably become as men.  "We are going after the root of the problem" said an outraged Dr. Laura, "Teen boys are a disease, I am the cure"


Catholic Computer Store Receives Ridicule

Buffalo, NY - Microtouch, a local catholic owned computer shop receives public ridicule and finds itself in the middle of much controversy for the publicizing and sale of it's Priest Cams.