Don't Believe Anything You Read.

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Rare Saddam Photo Released

In a rare photo, released to the U.N. Saddam Hussein proves his love for children by teaching Billy about the virtues of heroin, vowing to treat him better than his priest would.



Saddam Beats Hussein in Iraq Election

With an astonishing 100% of the votes, Saddam will retain his seat as head prick of Iraq.  Neither candidate was available for comment, but rumor has it Saddam was celebrating with great fervor, while Hussein has not been seen since several days before the election.



Detroit man plans to spend weekend customizing his very own Pissing Calvin sticker.

"It's a quest for originality" said Cooter, "Everyone that sees my ride will know that I'm not some copycat...I'm original, not into that trendy bullshit like everyone else"



Discovery: Difference Between Prawns and Shrimp

A six month intensive investigation by the FDA has finally yielded some conclusive evidence in the prawns vs. shrimp controversy which has now plagued the United States for several years.  It turns out the two species of crustacean are separated by approximately $50 per entree.