Don't Believe Anything You Read.

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Phish Roadie plans to spend tax return on pint of Ben & Jerry's

The self proclaimed "Phworld's Phbiggest Phish Phan" is currently deciding between "Phish Phood", "Cherry Garcia", and "Kind Fatty Hempy Nugs" varieties of the Vermont based capitalist's Ice Cream.


Hippie reduced to tears upon being ridiculed for his tie dye t-shirt being too bright and "commercial looking"


Man Pays For Being "Funny"

Tulsa resident, Joe Hudson was publicly gang raped Saturday, after thinking it would be "funny" to stick his face in front of a camera which was taking a portrait of several area bikers at the 5th Annual Bikers For Kids Charity Ride.  Sources say this photo was at the end of the last roll of film, and would have been the only photo to include "Old Gustavson", who had just been released from Tulsa Regional Hospital after a near-fatal motorcycle accident and several months of rehabilitation.  This article really could have been funny, and the idea of a guy doing this and getting buggered publicly is pretty funny, but this is an excellent example of what happens when you try too hard to make something funny and lose all aspects of humor in the process.


Seattle Band About To Be "On Map"

Promotional band photo "Sure to put 'The Grungers' on the map", says guitarist Shane Calloway, "It's all like a Cobain Polaroid and stuff"


Breaking News: Man's shoe size found to correspond with the size of his feet