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This Just In: Homeless man declares, "This is Bullshit" upon receiving 50 cans of creamed corn from Anaheim's annual food drive


Bravehardt "The Intimidator" Movie - Nixed

The cancellation comes despite the continued strength of Earnhardt's following, and powerful presence of the number "3" on bumpers, key chains and mesh-backed hats.

One fan, Phil Carpenter remains outraged by the cancellation, and vows to "never forget" by tattooing the number "3" on himself.  Repeatedly.



This Just In:

Former Ohio congressman James Traficant, unable to have his toupee in prison, has decided to have his head shaved.  "It is the comb-over of this decade."  declared Traficant, who now likes to be called Mrs. Noriega.



Breaking News:

The Pope has fucking lost it



Breaking News:

Man picks up big ball thing and then puts it back down again