Don't Believe Anything You Read.

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Breaking News:

Recent Speed Stick sponsorship goes to freestyle motocross rider's head.  "He used to be so cool" said this one kid.



This Just In: Harley Davidson owner "shows them" by revving up his engine in a menacing way, and then doing it again.


Breaking News:

Colon Powell reportedly told Iraq to "Prove it!" in recent talks.

In response, Iraq officials reportedly said: "No, You Prove it!"

Colon Powell then, reportedly said, "No, You Prove It!" 

Iraq reportedly replied by re-stating, "No, You Prove it!"

Colon Powell then reportedly responded, "No, You Prove it!"

Check back for updates, including Iraq's next response.



PokeJuan Creator Faces Legal Action

Less than 1 week after the initial push for the newest children's collectible card game, the makers of PokeJuan are facing several charges on Copyright and Trademark infringement.

Supwitchu (pictured at left) is not available for comment at this time.



Screaming Pickle Recognition

Screaming Pickle awarded the notorious and highly sought-after "Very Good" Canadian Web Award.


This Just In: American Collection Agency Association Lobbies For Nationwide Legalization of Sodomy, Details to come.


Breaking News: Al Qaeda SUV sales up sharply on roll out of anti-terrorist/oil consumption campaign in the U.S.


This Just In: Photo of "Scraps"


Breaking News: Lubbock Texas Councilman:  "The Plague has been stolen, Run for your fucking lives!"

A few hours later: "Nevermind, we found it"


This Just In: Guy points out utilitarian acid-resistant feature of his Dr. Martin shoe soles


Breaking News: Gold's Gym offers extramarital-affair coupon book with 1 year membership


Parents Picket Record Companies

With rap showing no signs of fatigue or slowing, several parental organizations have banded together to petition major record companies to bring back devil worship music.