Don't Believe Anything You Read.

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America Speaks On WAR in IRAQ:



Tanya Johnson - Assistant Assistant


"For all this talk about Bath Parties, they sure look dirty."

  Janine Wilson - Homemaker

"I think Saddam should be drugged, bound, gagged and shoved into a rape room with his blindfolded sons!"


Charles Connors - IT Professional

"The HTML code in your webpage sucks, I can't believe you have the balls to put something like that up on the web.  AOL sucks too."

Rusty Obermeyer - SARS Victim

"What's a regime?"


Professor Millhouse - Professor

"I don't give a good damn hell if he threatens to light the oil wells on fire - let the fucker do it I say, then there will be less oil and we'll be forced to drive electric cars. "

Susan Beasley - Librarian

"I simply cannot wait for the soldiers to return on the planes.... so many soldiers... with needs"


Hank Graham - NASCAR Fan

"I'll beat the bajeesus right outta you son, now get the hell off of my boat."

Rick Swenson - Homeowner

"How in the hell did you get into my house?"


Officer Fikes - Police Officer

"We at the department have always known the French were pussy's, but were shocked to find out Germany still adores murderous dictators after all."

Wilma Orlando - Old Lady

"I simply knew Regan would do the right thing."


Misty Davis - Recruiter

"I think it's crap that all of these skuzzy Bikers have taken the American Eagle and put it on things that are cheesy and stupid!"

William Wilson - Salesman

"I want to believe, and then I want to remember"