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 Trailer Park Manager To Marry Without Pre-Nup

Mary Peters, Resident and Manager of the Woodlands Trailer Park in Glansville, North Dakota is following the lead of Brad Pitt and

Jennifer Aniston by agreeing to marry her fiance Barry, without a pre-nuptual agreement.  This, despite her recent payoff of a 28' Airstream and membership acceptance into the Silver Society.

"Hollywood's virtues and good influences have been overlooked for far too long now." says Peters, "Not everyone is a filthy little J Lo whore."


This Just In: Fishin' Puts Lead in Your Pencil, according to Atlanta Resident.



This Just In: "BMX XXX" Video Game Causes Prolonged Adolescent Boners,

According to Market Research Study


Virus For Windows XP

Microsoft has added "Virus" to it's latest product offering for Windows XP.  "Virus" is backwards compatible with all versions of Windows 2000, as well as the recently released Windows Server 2003.

The add-on will be available for free download from the Microsoft Windows Update website, as soon as they address some remaining vulnerability issues.


This Just In: Guy nearly kills himself after neglecting to lock into 4.8% mortgage rate when he had the chance.


Breaking News: Microsoft Loses Patent Infringement Suit - Paper Clip Inventor Awarded 1 of the 5 Million Received by his Attorney.



Breaking News: Intel announces Hardware Failure may result in Voided Warranty