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Snob Costas Olympic Memorabilia Ebay Auction

(Actual eBay auction, with plenty of bids and buzz about it)


Snob Costas 2002 Salt Lake Olympics

2002 Olympic Winter Games Salt Lake City Utah USA - Carry with your Olympic pin or pins, hat, and jacket!

(Image shown is Obviously Not the Actual Item)


Snob Costas Booster Seat!

(2002 Copy of Salt Lake City Yellow Pages)


Boost your Height AND Ego, while engaging in such activities as:

Insulting Athletes!

Making fun of Athletes!

Making fun of Athlete Uniforms!

Making fun of Athletes who fall!

Making fun of the efforts of Opening Ceremony Production Designers, Choreographers and Staff!

Making fun of performers in Opening Ceremonies!

Take turns making comments, tarnishing the inspiration and sentiments of the Olympic Games!!!


    Work long and hard on statements which can be passed off on camera as wit!


Some variations on the above activities include:

Extra Points for oversized shoulder pads

Extra Bonus Points if you can turn an event about the competition and greatness, into an occasion about YOU!

Extra Double Bonus Points awarded to you if you can do bad enough in an enacted opening ceremony, to not be invited back for a mock closing ceremony!!!




*All comments are the opinion of seller, and are not meant to reflect the thoughts or opinions of Ebay, SLOC, the IOC or any individual associated with the Olympic Games, or any other individual, period.

This item is a Telephone Book from Salt Lake City, UT.

Thank you to all athletes, volunteers, businesses, officials - everyone who continues to keep the magic of the Games intact, despite the few bad apples that are always present!


If someone actually bids on this Item, Shipping will be $10 to anywhere in the lower 48 States (USA)

  If International, please contact before bidding to make arrangements.  Thanks!

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