Don't Believe Anything You Read.

Guru Schiu - Columns of Wisdom

Pelicans are among the most awe-inspiring creatures in this world

their long, flowing wings

their large, pearl white feathers

their long, graceful beaks


They truly are an inspiration to watch,

gathering in flocks,

moving effortlessly across the waters

without hardly a ripple in the mirror reflection


Skimming for crustaceans,

insects and fish - you watch the grace-

Holy Shit, What the Fuck is happening to its neck!?

                                    - Guru Schiu Bhukha




Music is a very powerful thing

It can be a thing of beauty

Or a thing not of beauty


Choose the state of mind you wish to hold more than any other

Find music composed and performed from that state of mind

Listen and simply let go of your fears

and you will be there


Music can trap you

if you are not open, but closed into what you feel today

Music can free you

if your heart mind and spirit are open


If had to listen to that damn whatever you call it

instrument in the middle east

I would be throwing rocks, rolling burning tires down hills

and running around screaming like a freak too

                                    - Guru Schiu Bhukha


Homeopathic illness

Aromatherapy for emotional escape and focusing energy

Colonic treatment to cleanse

Fasting for several days to to follow the great Bhadavhagivatantraschuira

Diets of kelp and rice to replenish

Mantras repeated over time shall free the mind and awake the spirit

The chakras must align and chi must emanate

These are the ways of all great Guru


This is seriously bullshit, if I eat one more damn piece of kelp

I am seriously going to flip out and kill someone

I can't do this anymore and I don't want to

This whole thing is rock bottom crap.

                                    - Guru Schiu Bhukha


On occasion

All things become one

Your surroundings, your body, your being

One, without separation


You find yourself at complete rest with your thoughts

and you emotions are warm, joyous and calm

and then the phone rings or there is a knock at your door

and you remember that there is no one-ness in the universe

there is only conflict, chaos and bullshit

                                    - Guru Schiu Bhukha