This was the petition to put Ghyslain in Episode III


Star Wars_Kid

The Original Star Wars Kid Video
Star_Wars_Kid_Remix The FIRST Special Effects Dub of The Star Wars Kid Saga
Star_Wars_Kid_version_1.5 Seeker Drones Added to First Dub
UnderCover_Star Wars Kid Simply the best yet made!!!  You must see this.
Star Wars Kid - LOTOR Star Wars Kid - Lord of the Onion Rings - Excellent! Edits from LOTR trailer, super-imposed scenes, etc.
Bravekid Star Wars Kid As Braveheart Trailer
Bulk Star Wars Kid as The Incredible Hulk Trailer
Chewee Edits from Episode IV with Chewbacca, Han and Luke on detention level of Death Star
Dancing Baby and The Star Wars Kid Dancing Baby and Star Wars Kid Movie Trailer
R2D2_and_C3P0 Witness The Star Wars Kid "That's funny, the damage doesn't look as bad from out here... are you sure this thing is safe?" - Edit From Episode IV Blockade Runner Scene with Star Wars Kid
Star_Wars_Kong one of many "remakes" which included no content from the original SWK video, but were re-enacted - Star Wars Kid / Star Wars Kong = SWK
Star Wars Kid - Drunken Jedi Master Drunken Jedi Master Dub adds green saber blades deflecting blaster shots
Star Wars Kid Very Special Edition Features Edits from Episode I referencing the Clone War  - Star Wars Kid and his Clone fight each other - 1 green saber, 1 red saber
Star Wars Kid Revolutions The Matrix Trailer with spliced scenes of The Star Wars Kid
Star Wars Kid - T3 Rise Of The Machines T3 Trailer with SWK model TX morphing from liquid metal
Star Wars Kid Tetris Tetris shapes falling around The Star Wars Kid Excellent!
Star Wars Kid Vs The Drones Seeker Drones Vs. Star Wars Kid with Yellow Saber and a plug at the end to put Ghyslain in Episode III
Star Wars Kid As The Punisher Star Wars Kid As The Punisher

Special Thanks to Ghyslain - May The Force Be With You.  Always.