Dis be da page by a gangsta bout bein a gangsta

Gangsta Tales From Da Hood
Gangsta Life
*Gangsta Dictionary*
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Wussup Yo!  Dis is Sweet Mutha Fuggin J - a gangsta straight outta 8mile yo! 

Dez Pages iz here to skool all you punk ass mutha fuckas bout gangsta shih - real gangsta shih!  Not some posa ayas nigga cracka wit a Dre CD, dis site bout real gangsta

"BAYAM!"  - Representin!  An the ladies be gettin on Sweet J's tip, know what I'm sayin!

I'z anonymous, unanimous, completely legit

if you ho's want some o dis you gats ta get wit

A gangsta, yea, wit material style

aint nuttin like dis, since Scully on da X file.

Check da dope pages an stay tuned in da site beeatch caus y'all been diggin ma Gangsta shih foo!  An I be takin emailz an shih - skoolin yo ayass to da street.

I'm sendin a shout out to da Pickle fo hostin dis page bout gangsta shih yo, word.

gangsta gangsta in da house

SMFJ and Eminem yo!