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It's tough bein da only gangsta in my hood because no one else understands gangsta life so when I'm all like going around and stuff I'm like "BAYAM" an like "Oh Snap!" when I see a dope six fow on some dubs an shih (a six fow is a gangsta ride like sweet civics an shih an dubs are big ol wheels yo - dats for you, you poser gangsta beeatch!)

My mom keeps creepin an sayin I can't get some Ice in my grill (that means gold teeth for all you non-gangsta posers) but then I was like "your a hoochie mamma" and was like "I be gettin my own ice an shih, beeatch!"

Juss like when da hood rat skeezas wouldn't be gettin on ma tip an shih so I was like "you mo fuggin crank ho take dis beeatch!" an I totally whipped em wit ma limp jimmy yo!  SMFJ don't take no shih cause I'm da type o nigga dats gonna bust caps an shih!"  "BAYAM!"


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