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Yo, dis iz SMFJ - Dis be da Gangsta Battle Grounds!

Check all da shiznit wit SMFJ an Lowa case g skoolin' da punk ayass biznitches

SMFJ lower case g


s.m.f.j. -i dis u from the uk- u think u cool- u just a dam fool.

'kapppoooow ' 'kabaaaaaam' u think ur feckin batman but yo rimes ain't phat man

stop try'n to black it makes you look wack you ain't got no balls
and u ain't got no sack

don't try an be what u feckin ain't it ain't no good rollin in dark paint.

if u are gay why don't u just say  and my british fist  will be comin your way

i may not be a gangsta not all my verse is dope but it sounds like all the NIGGAZ want u hangin from a rope.

fecking come 2 malvern and let me kick the fecking
shit out of you u wannabe feck( tellin uk style)




Stink, I don't know what you thinking, talking shit to us with your cute accent, thatched roofs and crooked ass tooths.

This is lower case g, SMFJ is my B, and we are dropping bombs on your spoilt ass royalty.

Trying to dis us with the Kings english, how soon you forget, if it wasn't for us you would be spricken ze deutsch.

So sing your God save the queen, cuz SMFJ will SHAKE his SPEAR in her eye while she hails my chief.

Yeah fool, come down our way, lower case g, an SMFJ teach you how to really get SOD off wit our 12 guage bitch.

- lower case g



yo, cracker how you figuer/ you could use the world gangsta / when you anit black/ infact you wack/ stight act/takin about how you punched a guy in the face when he was holding a nine/ in the hood you be dieing/ no lieing/ niggaz don't mean ganstaz/ you fuggin wangsta/ you live in a hood a sucker/ you muther fugga/ If i ever see you around/ i'm ppuutt you undergound/ where you won't be found/ i spit perfectlly pitched sounds/ ha ha what you gonna do now/ dow down you weak/ dont speak/ your flow cheap/ i'm put you 6 feet deep/ no peace/ its all beef/ i'll knok each/ and every one of your teeth/cause i creep/ on the street/ hollin feck the police/ DOG U WACK U ANIT GANSTER

Heeyyooowwwllll YEAHHH!  Biznitch mutha fugga!
Right about now, you's gonna get skool'd by da baddest mofugga ta eva say muthafugga
Ma rap's is real
Got da tip fo da shorty's feel
an Isay what I'm gonna say
juss like yo ma, da project moana
If ya don't like ma shit, den get da feck out
cause I'm da type o gangsta dat gonna knock yo lights out
Den... I come a creepin like a villan
shove da nine in ya ayass an pull da trigga just fo da feelin
Yo, ya spit perfectly pitched sounds?
I shoot perfectly aimed rounds - in ya ass
Bust da cap an fill da clip
cause I be down fo cold smokin shih
Ma flows is cheap?  Wuddafeck?
You ain't got no peep
I seen you sittin to pee
now get da feck out - 'fore I bend ya ova ma knee
Juss anotha punk ayass crampin ma style
Now I'm gonna pump ya ho a while
Den I pull it out an swing it wide
as you be sittin dere - wit a nut in ya eye
SMFJ in da mutha fugga! Heyowll yea
Das what I'm talkin bout - Representin!


Not to be rude or noth'in but you flows is weak,
I the hardest mc to get on the mic and speak.
and I got you hope'in and wish'in that you never did,
Oh and buy the way yo girls child is not yo kid.

So dont be going around bragin and shit,

Because really whiteboy yo rhymes aint shit.

when I.B's on the mic is noth'in but freestyle,

so sit back and loose and watch the crowd go wild.


Awww Shih...  Right about now SMFJ is in da mutha feckin hayaaows!

Heyowll yea...

Gimme dat base mutha fuggaaaaaaaaaaa!


So glad dat you had to say you aint gonna be rude

Cause I'm feckin yo rhyme up until it get's schmoove

Yo da hardest mc dat aint neva been laid

I saw ya juss da utha day

complainin bout yo neck ache

stop tryin ta suck yo own dick foo,

don'cha know all you need is to straight up get skooled

By SMFJ an his ladies on da tip

Dat's da beat dat you ain't gettin wit.


How long did it take yo silly ayas to write dis?

I a nut in ya eye, den slap wit ma fist


Hey man dis stupid punk is white n he sayin shit like "niggaz". I'd like to get that shit off da net bcuz his dumfeck site iz gettin out of control, this punk aint even from 8 mile but hes tryin to be a gangsta. if u wanna b a gangsta, i'd love to see you bring ur sorry ass down to harlem n act that way. - JP

What's dat? You say I ain't a gangsta?
You gots ta get a grip boy,
cause I'm so much gangsta
I'll knock yo ayass straight out till yo jealous
An send you back to "Halem" wit Arnold and Willis

Yea yea, outta control like yo ma wit ma jimmy
Heowl yea, all ah da beatches de come ta get wit me

bustin caps like da fiddy cent playa
you juss got mo skool as I'm saying Heowl yaya!




You think your shits tight? - you aint nothin bro, trust me, you white n feckin shite!!
Nothin but a wannabe nigga, jackin off all day N all night over a dumb feck website.
You can't see me, but i see you. use a white boy who cant ryhme .... skooo-biddy-doo!!
You clownin dawg, surely you got better things to do with your time - like get a feckin job.
Stop wastin yo life thinkin you dope rapper - you aint nothin but a broke ass cracka.
Getta job workin for stat tracker -
log all the weak ass ryhmes you make and get ScreamingPickle to post them all under WHITE RAPPER!!


yo all yall muthafaques need to quit talkin dat shit cause yall get fecked up round here. this is the wanksta dawg and I know what yall thinkin oh  he fake, …… naw im not biotch im feckin white with a fro try an top that you 2 bit stankin hoes and im a feckin juggalo so feck yall eminem luvin ass hoes.

oh ya I ned to give a shout out to  pimp juice, popcorn playa, fro juice my alta ego, and burggalo and all my otha real ass ninjas oh boy ninja too

    yo that’s it from me so check yo bull shit at the do





your all a bunch of fake pussy MC's, ill cut you up and put holes in yall like a slice of swiss cheese
You got beef, well there's a meat shredda inside of me, ill slice you and dice you makin your name a mockery
whose stoppin me?
you should stop and see, an actual lyracist you'll wanna copy B
enough of this 8 mile battle freestyle, go back to Mcdonalds pussy
"service with a smile"
Im just playin, keep the shit flowin gangsta


d00d u ant no gangsta u wit ur feckin ol navy shit feckin posser


5 mins of my time will at least cost you a dime it means u cant rhyme


yea what up bitch look like you got my mail from my other screen name see whets going on Anita got no game this rap aim  what been doing 4 a loosening you better be on ay page talking behind my back yowl bin a cage time got yo moms but Nathan with no crime aim a bully indeed sum body i could push scared 2 eat pussy so u eat around the tusk white ass boy i be there now you white cow
                          young ice representing s. fire
                 aster Roxanne digit fat j bee Zoe lil Crum


Who the feck do you think you are gangsta?
Will the real slim shady please stand up?


yo dogg this site gay man, u needa get bak to yo punk crib


I was curious why a real gangsta has a website.  I guess that is "21st century thug life".  But honestly I didn't think that real "niggaz" knew how to read....
I do realize they know math.  I'm doing 15 years, 25 years, 40 years, life, etc....
Fluff Girl


"As i curse this first verse
It only gets worse
I'm bout to take over the whole planet
nah forget that i'll stay an underground bandit
Now chill and relax as you listen to me
I'm the only M.C. who gots da balls to stand up and beef

Yo the only time you'll ever get some blow
Is when you see them gangstas on your block with the fow-fow
Now take a minute and listen to my shit
Cuz i'm bout to hit you wit sumthin that goes like this
Why you gonna get involved in some stupid gang
I don't roll with no one and i'm still doin my thang
I'm still chillin
And i stay killin
Man, forget anti-war i'll stay anti-gang
Why risk gettin caught up in bang
Now i'm not tryin to teach
And i'm not tryin to preach
I hope you can listen to me
Cuz you know you don't want your mom to know or have to see
I'm never going to stop and i will always just do me
But this whole gang controversy will end in one big cotastrophy"

    $$$$ The Young M.C. $$$$


I read yo raps and I think that ur a slob,

U need to get yo bitch ass up and get a job.

I bet ur a homo, don't even have a lady,

Bitch u can't rap, u fake ass Slim Shady.

Give up rap, go listen to some rock,

I'm beg'n u dawg, pleeeese stop.

U can't rap, U ain't got no skills,

Try to battle me u gon get killed.

I don't want to see u used the word gangsta no mo,

U ain't got rights u bitch ass hoe.

I hope u take heed and give rap up,

All I really wanted to say is U SUCK!


Wait one secon

Cause i recon

You probably sit a a computer 24 7

Masturbating while contemplating what to say next

Most people who live on 8 mile road

Cant aford an X-box and computer to make a web sight

Let alone the money to leave a light on all night so you dont get scared of the dark So do live on 8 mile road

Come on tell me the truth the answer or you a prancing pranser This shit is all an act and if you think you tact with yo words Than why aint you on MTV Oh wait I forgot you probably shoppin at gay ass Old Navy Yeah I'm white too, straight up true and true

But then stupid whites like you

Come along and give us a bad rap

Cause you try to rap

I'm only doin it to make you look even worse and this is ok for a first I stumble across this sight well doin a search I started hearin you ryhme and started to learch forward laughin You say you tough and rough And can handle yo self on the street First lets handle makin your own beat Instead of usin and abusin eminems You aint a composer of words

You a frickin white rich ass poser Riddler


oh yo yo / dis fo all da haters hit on ma bull/ / uh yo yo / i'll slap you so hard / you'll bust out wit tears / gangsta don't worry bout your face / you been ugly fo years / shit wen it comes to flowin / your rhymes is wack / so why don't you take your bitch ass back home and re-write yo raps / pussy in da new king / so you betta pay ur dues / or else i'll leave u ran over like payless shoes / talkin bout ya'll da shit / ya'll can't handle dis / i just killed & dis is only a mild freestyle on wat i can do to you / shit come feck wit me and i'll leave ya'll in a casket wit you & your payless shoes /


'm Flexed to drop a bomb
now hittin ya turbanz like da force of napalm
you gettin exacuted
like you in da taliban
bombz bout to be droped
dis madness cannot be stopped
causin major carnage
dez misslez iz bein locked
im like miss cleo be like "call me now"
im runnin ya bill up
so dont be wonderin how


You are such a little bitch pussy white boy. What the feck is your deal, representin in a fecking OLD NAVY shirt, you little bitch. You ain't a gangsta and you never will be snowflake. The is only one white rappa and 8-Mile is as fake as shit. Go cry and suck yo mammas tittie you little bitch. Faggot in an old navy sweatshirt. Plus, the slang on your page is way overdone, prick. You freaking upperclass white America, who the hell are you kiddin. And dont give me any of your 8-Mile bullshit, YOU ARE A JOKE!!



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"YO YO YO I am laughing my @ss off and you know y'all are, too.  Y'all complaining about J have no sense of humor.  SMFJ, you da man.  Legit rhymes and at least not a cry baby whiner like Eminem.  You pretty fly for a white guy, so go ahead, nut in my eye!  Big up to my peeps in da south Bronx!"  ~Jax


HEEEEYYYYYYOOOOOOOW YEAH!  Word Up Jax, Props - Representin Bronx Style, Know whut I'm sayin!




"wut up wit u nuttin in peoples eyes n shit/ u should shut the fuk up fo i crack ur nuts u fagget ass mutha feckin bitch/ if u reelly are some gangsta ass muthafugga/ THEN WUT THE FUK ARE U DOIN HAVIN UR OWN WEBSITE sucka/ shouldnt u be out doin some real shyt 'sted of readin emails u lil prick -dont even right back with rhymes/ u jus feckin gay copyin off of a 8mile... none of this shyt was popular until that movie came out --- feck all them ersatz's out there especially u figure that word out white boy" - Dennis

"you guys are some real dumb ass whit boys feck all you guys come to the mean streets of down town and see whats really going on feck all ya dums asssess" - Anonymous

"yo that site is so gayyyyy you are a wigger in a half bud yo bust a cap mofo you is gay" - Anonymous

"WASUP CUZ 8 mile my ass doug u a puccy why dont u post my email on there doug fecken Ja rule fan man and yo and your so called gangasta tales man u talk about a hitting a little girl doug dat aint gangsta yo a WANKSTA man and they gonna let a fake G walk on 8 mile chit what side of 8 mile do u live? make sure u put this on yo wack web page" - Niko

Yo Check Dis Shih Boy, 4 On 1

But I gonna be da Holmes with da 12 inch gun

I nut in da eye 'cause I'm dat kinda guy

An yo girl be proud to take a nut so fly


I got dis site to skool all yo punk ayasses

Bitchin bout me, in yo wack Erkle glasses

Poppin off 'bout me bein so gay...

say... what iz a "puccy" anyway?


Take Biggie an Tupac an stuff em innna box

Den pow in some talent and a little bit a clorox

Ya know what ya have at da end a da day?

Sweet Mutha Feckin J




I am down with sweet mutha J………Layton West Side Gangsta…… - CP from LC



"yo listen dis marco  imma do dis 1 time  word!
first time on da grind hattas dun understand why im doin to fine,

choppin knicks n dimes gosta a nine if ya wanna loose yur life,

like biggies first album im ready to die fo sho im crazy sendin back all u mother feckers  to new jersey,

n i knoe im white still betta den shady neva walk da streets without my shotty crazy wigga in da game it will remain da same til all u hattas pop me meh  

1 luv to my click kill a crip to see my favorite colour drip   

bloods fo life"  


Firss time on da grind?  You betta step back off

cause yo only little weapon is a bobbit straight sawed off

You won't be killin no crips, I tell you dat

But I make yo girl ma beeatch an she be gaggin on ma gat

You braggin about yo "shotty" in yo rants

But all you got is da shorty in yo pants

"you have got to be the wackest mother fecker out there representin bloods in your old navy sweatshirt bitch please, i do have to say though your ryhmes are wacker than your self you sucka ass fake mc"


I aint even gonna waste ma time

on you, guy

Juss come to 8mile

an I'll nut in ya eye!


"You mother fugga u betta watch were u put the n word(nigga) u mofouckn' blood (i'll bust a cap in ya azz yo' crypts for life!! and watch yo' back this is a real gangsta yo' 6-nine ,angel, big b ,demin d!yo' +crypts+krupted angelz+duesz!all sk8rz!watch yo' self!" - Anonymous?



You sound like a punk ayass wigga

One dat says "the n-word" instead of juss niggaz

Go an ride yo skate board until you get bigga

Cause SMFJ got a nut for ya sista

"Hey what up sucka your a true gangsta and i need some more them freestyle raps i love them send me some mo" - Anonymous


Props!  Juss keep checkin back yo,

Cause I be gunnin down fools who keep steppin on ma style

An make da fuggas think they landed in an X-file


"you guys r a bunch of pussy ass white boys who think ur gangsters who wouldnt do shit if a 12 year old girl started talkin shit bout r craker azz!! bitch shit ur fagget azzez down! pussys" - Anonymous


Bring yo nasty little ass to 8 mile beeatch,

I'll nut in ya eye to satisfy yo wish,

But don't be thinkin you can touch ma big pee pee,

Cause I aint tha one to get yo S.T.D.


"gangsta u cant hold me shit white boy still playin with momys toy feckin with a boy name roy an yo cuz eminem hes a pussy feck that hes a wossie yall cant feck with me ya shit is dodo actuelly yo is vo do cant mess me iam nice i  do layers like kobee pussy get emimen i eat that gangsta has feckin treat ya gay iam nice cant feck with my beat thats why u an that gansta got beef with 2 much pepo iam bout to be the fifth one an iam gonna be the fifth one mess with me iam gonna pull my gun an make yall scary ass run yall could cry to ya gangstaz cause yall scarin me with yall face mess with djkiller an ill put u in ya place i cuter than u lookin for ya boo shes by my crib jearking spream off my sib come round my area an well kicks ya rib mess with me igot all colors round my head lookin for for ya bicth she shit we feckin in the bed an givin me head under the speard dont be jealous cause i get more pussy than u when u think ya gurl home she aint thats why i hada cut schoo she gave me every feckin thing i want i left on the shit cryin lookin for her shady she in the hospitial havin my baby gangsta go home white boy not ready for my shit" - Anonymous


Yo Yo, Check dis out beeatch!  Ay yo…


Though no one can hardly read all this bullshit you say, I’m gonna quickly put dis punk ass away


Yo punk ayass wassup?

Yo say you be da nigga, gonna straight serve da white boy up?

I kick you black ass all da way past Kwanzaa

Till you clickin through a plate lip juss like in Uganda

An you can’t even limp to yo ‘83 Honda


Yo, you say I be playin wit a toy?

You right bitch, it’s yo ma wit ma boy

Yo crib is in da projects

Wit da utha rejects

Far mo ugly than mean, drinkin up on ya Listerine


What’s dat you say?  You black and you proud to diss a cracka?

Dis cracka put a smack in da back 'o ya ma - as she yack from ha jaw

Gaggin on ma tool…

Watch out, cause I be comin, up to ya place

Juss like up in yo mamma’s ayass an all ova ha face


Yea fayka, continue to trip,

cause here’s one cracka that’ll split yo fat ass fuggin lip

But please don’t cry,

Yo not da first one,

To get a nut in ya eye

Sweet mutha feckin J – from da west side


"yous a cracka ass bitch

prolly shop at abercrombie and fitch

bus a cap in yo ass and fro you in ditch"


- Anonymous from Louisville


Yo yo, listen up, ay yo


I sit back wit dis rhyme

From dis punk wit no dime

Writin in juss to diss

But his ma is on this


I make Abercrombie ma bitch

Like your ma wit da itch

To be goin down south

With Sweet J in ha mouth


You be frontin an shit

But sweet J juss won't quit

Cause da rhymes come like Pow!

And I'm showin you how


The real G juss don’t stand fo it...

An soon I be makin you beg fo shit...


So juss come back at me guy...

I'll knock you to Louieville, slugga...

While yo ma be ma chugga

An I nut in ya eye


- Sweet Mutha Feckin J in Da Hayous! Cold skoolin yo ayass - Yea Yea Mutha Fugga!

"I'm down with you bro!  I don't know what all these other people are bitchin about, it's just because they have to knock everyone else because they're punk asses!" - Anonymous


Hell yea!  Word G!  Props!  Dat's what I'm talkin bout, yea.


"You're full of shit!  You aren't from 8mile, you're probably not even from Michigan!  I bet you're from some rich ass area of LA and used to say you were from Compton until 8mile came out!  I bet not one thing on your site is true and I'm writing to Screamingpickle to have them stop hosting your piece of shit site!" - Anonymous


Write all you want beeatch!  An how bout you just bring yo lilly ass to 8mile an say dat shih!


"Are you for for real?  I mean, seriously, you can't be serious.  I just want to know if this is a joke or if you really are this stupid and immature."

- Janine M. - Vermont

Why you creepin?   I told ya I's real as real deal Holyfield!  Why don't ya fly out to ma crib an I'll show ya bout maturity when I nut in ya eye.



"What's Up Poser?!  You're about as much of a gangster as my dog!  In the picture, you're flashing the 'blood' sign and you're white!  I know for a fact you aren't in the bloods, because they don't take people who are white!  I know this because my neighbor is a blood, so that makes me closer to being a gang member than you'll ever be.   You should check yourself bud, because you don't know a damn thing you're taking about!"

- Carl V. - California

Who you callin a poser beeatch!?  Obviously you don't know shih 'bout signin!  I'm always signin an shih wit da G's in ma hood.  Just cause you been a spoiled little mutha fugga yo whole life, you gotta dis shih dats real.  I'ts cool, you mamma's gonna be axin me fo an autograph real soon cause I'm goin double platinum wit ma rhymes beeatch!  Oh, an come to 8mile an I'll nut in ya eye mutha fugga!

real gang members

Gangsta emails - Gangsta Battles - Freestyle Shih!