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I be rappin beeatch!  You be still in da hood doin nuttin - but I be skoolin wit da rhymes... check dis shih out yo!

Yo I'm da one dats gonna rap tonight

with ma peeps an ma ho's I be doin it right

cause da dope ride we be passin is tight

I got ma chronic xbox an satellite


Life as a thug may be rough yo

bug Sweet Mutha Fuggin J is tough yo

Dats why I aint gots to axe yo

An I be bustin caps in ya ass yo


Who is da gangsta dats gonna last

If ya steppin I be steppin like a shotgun blast

Den you be goin down like a foty

An yo bitch be goin down on ma homie




I'm da type o gangsta dats built to lass

if ya step I put a Air Force Ones in yo Ayass

I'm like Nelly cept schmoover

Like Fiddy cept meana

Like biggie cept leana

Like Dre... listen to what I say


I can't even believe how schmoove I am

I can't even believe it - it's just da way I am


Cause I... am.. numba one

No madda if you like it or not

Say hey hey hey

like fat albert

den go down on ma tip

like lord calvert


cause I.. be.. bustin nut

I be so fly when I nut in yo eye

Bu..BuBu Bu Bu Bu BuBuBu Bu...

Bu Bubbu Bu Bu BuBuuu Bu BuBu Bustin nut


I got lots mo a dis yo - so if you feel like steppin don't slip - cause Sweet Mutha Fuggin J juss don't quit! 

Now Dats some mutha fuggin gangsta freestyle shih!

gangsta pics

Raps rappin freestyle gangsta raps an rhymes shih yo!