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Dis be da Gangsta Page with Tales all bout Gangstas beeatch!

Gangsta Chapta won:

One time I was all walkin on 8mile an shih when dis nigga was gettin all up in ma business an shih.  So I was all like "Wuzzup Foo!?" an did some o dat crazy eye shih, when he pulled out a sideways nine on my shih so I bitch slapped him wit a fist all like "PAYOW MUTHA FUCKA!" an shih, dat foo hit da curb like a little beeatch!  I's hard like dat an shih.  When I saw dat mutha fucka da ness time he was all payin up respects an shih.  Dat's how you get it foo, representin in da hood - gangsta style.


Gangsta Chapta too:

This one time I was playing Xbox and my sister totally walked in front of me and made my guy die, so check dis shih out yo - I was all like "yo bitch, don't be fontin an shih" then I grabbed her snoopy and was all like bitch slappin it an shih, goin "BAYAM!".  Then I did it over an over again an said "yo, yo be bein a little skeez ho an shih, beeatch!"  then I ripped dat punk ayass snoopy's ear off all like "PAYOW!" - Dat's some cold shih yo!  8mile gangsta shih!


Gangsta Chapta tree:

One time I was chillin in ma hood wit my second cousin Seth who isn't a gangsta an he was like trying to gank the xbox controller from  me when it wasn't his turn an shih, so check dis shih out yo!  I was like "BAYAM!" an pistol whipped his punkass wit da controlla an he started to cry so then I cold smoked his ayass - dats some gangsta shih mutha fucka!


Gangsta Chapta Fow:

One time I was like hangin at the 7 yo, an these ho skeesas started frontin an wavin their shih in ma grille, so I took ma slurpee an was like "BAYAM!" wit it into da ground yo, an it got on their shoes an shih so dey were all screamin an cussin an shih so I was like "Check dis shih" an grabbed one o da skeezas an made out wit her ayass gangsta style.  Dat's how you be gettin da beeatches on yo tip - gangsta style.  True dat mutha fugga!


Gangsta Chapta Fie:

Yo Yo Juss da utha day I be shoppin fo a new Do Rag an shih an dis foo behind da counta was dissin.  So check dis... I was like I aint payin an den put da Do Rag on Gangsta style and started walkin out da stow wit ma Gangsta lean.  Dat crazy ayass foo came runnin up all in ma face an shih so I grabbed dis big ol hair brush off a shelf an said "BAYAM MUTHA FUCKA!" an hit him in da jaw wit it.  He didn't do shih afta dat cause he be knowin I'm da real deal Holyfield.  Representin straight up compton 8mile gangsta shih.


Gangsta Chapta Siss:

I was at da dog on a stick gettin some grub when da lady was like tryin to overcharge ma shih. I was like "Whaddafuh dat be fo?" all loud an shih an den she was like "that's the total sir" an I was like "Sir!? Why you creppin shiznit?"  So I took da fries an straight up mashed em into da chalk board menu so it would be all greasy an hard to write on it an shih.  She got all up in ma ma bizness bout it so I was like "YO BAYAM!" an slammed ma corndog onto da regista - den I was like "PAYOW" an straight up knocked over the lemonade maka! Den she was all scared an shih an ran to da back so I didn't haves to pay fo shih!  Dats some crazy ass gangsta shih mutha fucka!  8mile representin!


Da ness Chapta gonna blow yo shih an split yo lip so check it out punk ayass mutha fugga!

true gangsta

Gangsta Tales From Da Hood!