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  Saddam Hussein Capture  

Caught Saddam

Saddam Hussein Capture

Saddam HusseinCapture

"He was hiding in a hole with 2 sweaty and handsome men" say sources.


Saddam "Mall Santa" guise failed to deter US Special Forces.






  Recent Photo  

 Saddam Watch

Sadam sourounded by little girls

Saddam Hussein in a rare photograph with his many wives.


saddam insane

Hussein Awarded

"Best Dick Broom 2002"

Runners up included Tom Selleck (Magnum P.I.), Dennis Franz (Sipowitz, NYPD Blue) and a hand full of highway patrol officers across the United States.




  New Products From Iraq

saddam hussein sucker

The Release of Saddamy Pops was made to show Saddam's devotion and love of children.


saddam hussein terrorist trading cards

Sadda-mon Trading Cards Hitting Shelves Next Month

Saddam & Osama Toy Line



  Recent Statements

saddam taking it the wrong way Saddam In Support of September 11th Attacks

In several interviews, Saddam Hussein has made congratulatory statements toward those responsible for the September 11th terrorist attacks on the United States.  Not that he was in any way involved or aware it was going to happen, of course.

Saddam also voiced his support of Jihad in a recent interview, saying:

"Jihad, yes, that's it!, yes, YES! mmm, oh, OH!   JIHAD!"



  Saddam The Womanizer

saddam hussein women

Rippling Muscles, Incredible Mullet and Look at that Dickbroom!  Amazing!