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A Tribute to those who dare to turn left...


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Dale Earnhardt Jr. is "2nd" in points and only 20 points out of the lead in the NASCAR Championship Points race!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He "will" be called "The Dominator"!!!

Apparently, we underestimated Earnhardt Jrs ability to turn left we apologize.  Though he has 20 points to catch up, were sure he can do it.  We saw a Pistons game where they caught up by 20 points one time, and that was totally sweet.

You aren't even worthy to utter the name Earnhardt!  You are a total disgrace and a waste of space and if you were here, I'd break open your face!

Uh, Yes... you're rhyming is quite clever.  Thanks for showing us.

Can you honestly say that you think there is no talent in NASCAR driving?!?!!!  These guys have worked their asses off to get to where they are and you sit on your ass making fun of them on the internet - how ridiculous!

Actually, we do have respect for NASCAR drivers.  We know they start at the bottom, having to work their way up from local tracks and have made a ton of sacrifices to get to where they are.  We're just having a bit of fun.